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We just received a dozen fantastic A to AAA grade Blue Zircon gems, exquisite quality only. It will take time before they're posted here but: 


 When buying gems in Pailin you can use our equipment and local expertise to shop more efficiently. 

You may not find the exact gem you want to buy in Pailin Gemstones website at the moment but don't hesitate to contact us for specific requests for we also act as agent for other lapidaries, Ruby and Sapphire mine operators, shops, suppliers and wholesalers from Cambodia and Thailand so we will probably find your gemstone, especially Ruby, Blue Sapphire, natural Blue Zircon, Peridot and all types of Garnets but also Quartz and quite a few other gemstones for which we have a wide supply. 

We also specialise in calibrated blue and white Zircon for jewellers and professionals. We can offer pretty much any shape and size, such as princess cut, oval, pear, cushion, round diamond cut, and many more. For calibrated blue zircon we usually have mostly sky blue zircon and better colors will mainly be on request. If you want to place a large order you can contact us directly and we will be able to give extra discounts. 

 Calibrated Blue Zircon Wholesale supply for Professional JewellersCalibrated White Zircon Wholesale supply for Professional Jewellers


If you plan to visit Pailin to buy gems or maybe just to look around, you wil find information about hotels, restaurants, access and routes, guided visits, attractions and things to do, please find all important information about Pailin.

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