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Green Prehnite from Mali. Prehnite is usually a yellowish gemstone found in various corners of the world, but only in Mali can Prehnite be found green. Green Prehnite from Mali is ideal for cabochons and whilte qualities vary, it can become very expensive when clean and apple green color. 

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Green Prehnite Cabochons / Retail - Wholesale

Price is per carat! Oval cabochons of Green Prehnite from ...

Sales price: $2.00
Base price: $2.00
Sales price with discount:

Green Prehnite from Mali by Kilo

Green Prehnite from Mali rough and specimen costs 1$ per ...

Sales price: $100.00
Base price: $100.00
Sales price with discount:

Faceted Tanzanite.
2.59 Carats Tanzanite
Sales price $215.00

Large 44 Carats Square Cut White Topaz from Sri Lanka
44 Carats White Topaz
Sales price $280.00

Large clean Lemon Citrine Quartz.
11.55ct Lemon Quartz
Sales price $45.00

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