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Tektite from Preah Vihear by the Carat

Black Onyx from Preah Vihear by the Carat

This item is proposed for large pieces only or at wholesale, minimum order is 100ct. Cambodian Tektite is also called Indochinite. Please enter the total number of carat you wish to purchase and we can discuss the kind of shape/size you want via email or chat. Very specific requests like large stones or calibrated lots may require a waiting period and different pricing.
Sales price $1.35
Base price $1.35
Salesprice with discount

from 9 to 19mm
various cuts
Preah Vihear, Cambodia

Cambodia blue Zircon Calibrated 5mm Round Cut
Calibrated Round 5mm
Sales price: $37.00

Cheap Tanzanite
2.39 Carats Tanzanite
Sales price: $190.00

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