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This page explains the discount rewards for professionals, gems lovers and investors when buying multiple gems

First of all we have to apologize for not having an standardized coupon system for discounts. But due to the high cost of shipping in both price and carbon emissions, we have decided to encourage the purchase of multiple gemstones rather than small individual parcels for small sales. You might say that it is our way to contribute to the eco-responsible shopping and trade necessary trend from Cambodia

Starting at 2 gemstones there will be some small discount already, starting on the cheaper gemstone selected, but the larger the order, the larger the discounts. 

There will usually be more discount for wholesale lots and you may mix orders of both individual lots and bulks of calibrated gemstones lots, you might also select gems in our calibrated and pairs section. 

Guaranteed gemstones wholesale discounts of bulk orders for jewelry professionals: 

Purchase Amount 
Estimated Discount

 Additional discounts can be gained depending on the gems categories being ordered, method of payment etc...

These are the guaranteed discounts for bulk orders of individually selected loose gemstones. It doesn't mean that the buyer has to reach this amount to get these levels of discount, buyer many cheaper gems will also give you high discounts. 

Some gems are already discounted, and for some gems you will read in the description "not eligeable for full wholesale discount". In these cases the above chart doesn't apply and prices will be negociated case by case. 

So to benefit from discounts, before buying a gemstone or a wholesale lots you will have to contact us via any of the "Ask about this loose gem" button marked with a  "?" icon or our standard contact form

List the gemstones you wish to know the discount of either by naming their full exact title, or their url.  

Alternatively you may also shop casually, adding products you like, then select payment as "Bank Transfer", you may then complete check-out adding random information wherever possible to go faster. Except for YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and YOUR CONTACT NUMBER including country code. Make sure these are accurate or else we can't get back to you

Also don't forget to check your spam box regularly during the few hours (max 24h) after you contacted us, 1st time replies often end-up in your junk mail.  

Or you could just, before going through any check-out procedure, just make a "Print Screen" of your list of items and add it to a standard email, via our email address above mentioned. 

The aim is to build long lasting relationship with jewelry designers and creators of all types and supply them with affordable and suitable professional quality grade. We aim at an average sale between 3000$ to 5000$ after discount (for which the buyer can expect price reductions of at least 35% on some or all of the gemstones selected, more discount when purchasing from the wholesale lots (for some of which you can net up to 75% discount for orders over 200ct).


Getting discounts from payment method for repeating clients:

For regular and repeating customers, after trust has been built, there is an option of an additional 10% discount if paying directly, and another 5% when paying directly with delivery inside Cambodia. 

So don't hesitate to contact us to see what special deal we can give you, don't worry if it doesn't end-up conclusive, we enjoy chatting about gemstones anyway. So you may drop by our Whatsapp or Telegram chat anytime using the phone number above.

The possibility of better good bulk order deals for Garnet, Zircon, Amethyst and Sapphire... possibly Peridot for small size calibrated lots and this list may change according to market opportunities.