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Apatite is a very difficult gem to facet, it requires a very delicate hand and proper equipment for it could crumble if treated roughly. Usually found green in nature it can easily be turned to a vivid blue and makes for great yet not very hard gems. Source: Wikipedia / Resize window ↑

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SOLD/Pair of Unheated Apatite

Calibrated 7mm x 5mm. Very nice matching electric green ...

Sales price: $75.00
Base price: $75.00
Sales price with discount:

Half Pound Colorful Potpourri of Gems

Small size but good quality gems in this potpourri ...

Sales price: $100.00
Base price: $100.00
Sales price with discount:

Cambodia blue Zircon Calibrated 6mm Round Cut
Calibrated Round 6mm
Sales price: $25.00

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