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TO BE EDITED / Rare Yellow-Salmon-Pink Tourmaline

The particularity of this unique 3.1ct Colorchange (Multi-chrome) Tourmaline is that it is actually yellow Tourmaline included with red and green Tourmaline crystal needles crossing it, but not very visible to the naked eye when facing the gem. The red thin crystal gives this unique color-change effect, reflecting its color more or less depending on the angle of the stone. It will reflect various tones of salmon to pink, yellow to gold. A small area at the back of the stone is green Tourmaline (visible only in picture number 4). The green part was larger in the rough, unfortunately very little could be saved.
Rare salmong pink and yellow colorchange Tourmaline with crossing red and green Tourmaline needle crystals crossing the gem and giving it its color-change effect.

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