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Natural Untreated 2.71 Carats Blue Sapphire from Tanga, Tanzania
This very nice light Blue Sapphire from Tanzania has small inclusions and...
5.6 Carats Yellow Sapphire from Vietnam
There are other Yellow Sapphires from this store, please feel free to ask if...
Rhodolite by Kilo
Excellent quality of pink Rhodolite, uniform color.
6.37 Carats Pair of Rhodolite
Rhodolite from Ngorongoro, Tanzania. Calibration: cut 0.15mm, color 98%
Amethyst by the Carat
Various shapes and tones. Please contact us if you wish a quotation for...
22.12 Carats Rhodolite Cabochon
Rhodolite from Ngorongoro, Tanzania.
Nice 0.8 Carats Ruby Specimen from Pailin
This is a nicely colored and faceted Ruby. You may ask for a quotation for this...
17.78 Carats Untreated Sapphire Cabochon from Tanzania
This is a large, untreated Sapphire from Dodoma in Tanzania. This is a real...
3.1 Orange-Yellow Sapphire from Preah Vihear
Flawless and nicely faceted. Please contact us if you wish to see more of such...
1 Carat Blue Sapphire from Pailin
There is a wide choice of blue Sapphire from Pailin, heated and not heated, so...
Rough Ruby and Saphire from Pailin.
Rare and original Pailin Ruby and Sapphire.
7.5 ct Yellow Sapphire
Beautiful yellow Sapphire from Africa. This is one of several pieces available...
245 Carats Lot of Golden Smoky Quartz
Promotion on this lot of 15 pieces of golden color Quartz.
2.275 ct untreated natural sapphire from pailing
Untreated blue sapphire from Pailin. This beautiful item contains a few lines...
3.1 Ct. Papillon (heart) Shaped Yellow Sapphire.
Beautiful piece of yellow Sapphire cut in Papillon (or wide heart) shape.
Rose Quartz Kilo-Kilo
Rose Quartz "Kilo-Kilo"
Un-Treated 0.955 Ct Blue Sapphire from Tanzania
This is a nice little Sapphire with great deep blue colors. This Sapphire is...
Natural color-change sapphire from Pailin.
Natural color change sapphire from Pailin are much sought-after gems. Please...
1.14 Ct Blue Sapphire from Pailin
1.14 Carat Blue Sapphire from Pailin. Sold. Please contact us for similar...
Large Blue Sapphire Cabochon
We have more of this item, please contact us for custom orders.
1.2 Carats Ruby from Pailin
14.27 Carats Rhodolite Cushion
Rhodolite from Ngorongoro, Tanzania.
9.335 Carats Rhodolite Flat Fantasy Cut
Rhodolite from Ngorongoro, beautiful flat fancy cut, Tanzania.
Special Order: 1.51 Carats Sapphire (Scott)
Special Order: - 1.51 Carats Blue Sapphire: 450$ - Certification of the...